Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Properly Butcher a Turtle

I've had people all over the place asking me how to butcher a turtle since our Groundhog & Carp Dinner episode aired, including Bill from Ironwood MI, and Randy from Bainbridge, Ohio.

One of the keys is not only knowing how to properly use a knife, but to have the right knife. So I'd say step one is to get a Game Processing Knife Set from Outdoor Edge.

From there, it could get tricky to explain on a blog. So rather than me trying to explain it to you, watch this video clip that didn't air on Love of the Hunt.

Just a quick warning: I am butchering a turtle here, so the content may be too graphic for some viewers.

Here is how you properly process a snapping turtle:


  1. Just watched you catch the turtles on tv, thank you for showing us how to butcher these guys. I might try it. Couldn't believe how much it still moved and the heart in the glass was just wow.

  2. Cool video. I've never had turtle soup before but it doesn't look bad at all. My wifes father used to make it all the time from what she says. I think it's time try it.

  3. Although the video is very interesting, I'm pretty sure my wife would never allow the shell to become a candy dish.