Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to get rid of fat pockets in sausage?

Bob from Springfield, VA asked:

Ok... My first try... I apparently got air pockets which have now turned into fat pockets. How do I fix it? I'm assuming prick it, then put it in the oven at a fairly high temp for a short period--but am looking for any specific suggestions.


I guess my first question would be what product did you make? If it's a snack stick or ready to eat product that is not going to be cooked or processed any further, then I would say you are in trouble. You will have to try and prick small holes in the sausage casing where the fat pockets are and heat the product very slowly so you don't dry it out at a high temperature. It shouldn't take a lot of heat to melt the fat out.

If it's a sausage that will be cooked again before serving, it may look bad when you place it on the grill but the fat should melt out before serving the product.

Just be sure next time you add a little more water before stuffing, pack the product tight into the stuffer, and grip the casing a little tighter to get the casing completely filled. If you do see any air pockets in the casing, prick holes before you smoke the product.

Those fat pockets can really be a bugger! Work at it and I'm sure you will get it!

Thanks again Bob!

Brad Lockwood
"The Meat Man"

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