Monday, August 22, 2011

Do I need to use water when smoking snack sticks?


Do you recommend using water when smoking snack sticks in my Bradley smoker?




Yes, I do recommend using water for a couple reasons. First, the water in the pan placed below the smoke generator feed is very important for extinguishing the old brick of sawdust. If the brick is not drowned out, the brick will keep burning - releasing a bitter burnt flavor into the smokehouse and into your meats. 

This water and the brick feed are a very important part of savoring the flavor of your Bradley smoker. This way, you are burning a fresh new brick of sawdust and not the same old burnt dust (similar to cleaning a pipe so you don't get the resin flavor).

Secondly, the water will create moisture in the house, giving you a good moist product.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's the proper temperature and timing for smoking summer sausage?

What starting temperature would you use when using a 4 inch casing for summer sausage?

Thank you,
Aylmer, Ontario CA


The protein in the meat will begin to set from the outside in as the heat penetrates the product. So the larger the product, the higher the starting temperature can be. A good example for your summer sausage would be:

155 - 1 hour with smoke
165 - 2 hours with smoke
180 - 1 hour
190-200 - until an internal temp of 158 degrees F is reached

If you can, place a pan of water in your smoker. This is a good idea on large diameter products (like summer sausage) to hold the moisture in the product.

Good Luck Dan!