Friday, March 16, 2012

Stainless Steel vs Plastic Stuffing Tubes on Weston Vertical Stuffers

John from Pine River, MN said:

Would you please provide your opinion on the use of stainless steel vs plastic stuffing tubes used on Weston Vertical Sausage Stuffers? Which do you prefer and why?

Thanks for the question John, 
You have two considerations here: #1 with the durable plastic you won't dent or ding them up and they are very strong - I have never broken one. With stainless, you have a better value, the casings slide on easier and I have found they clean easier as well.

Hope this helps!

Brad Lockwood
Meat Man!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What to do with Wild Boar?

Ethan from Magnolia, Iowa said:

Hey Brad, 

I just got a bunch of wild boar meat. Some loins, front shoulder and hind quarter. I was wondering where I could find some good recipes and instructions to smoke those big pieces of meat. Thanks!

Thanks for the question Ethan,

I just returned from a Javelina hunt myself in AZ. Had a great time and shot a big old sow hog that looks to be tough as nails! My thoughts are going to be to make the shoulders into a sausage with a strong flavor profile to help cover any off flavors. I will make 2 products from all the trim meat and front shoulders: smoked Kolbassi and hot Italian sausage. Last year, we made pepperoni sticks and they were fantastic! 

I would stay away from fresh breakfast sausage type products. For some really advanced processing techniques check out our Mastering Marination DVD. This DVD will show you the proper methods of making injected bone-in & boneless hams as well as Canadian bacon from your loins. These products are out of this world!

Hope this helps my friend, and thanks for the question!

Brad Lockwood