Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How do I keep air pockets out of my casings?

Jerry from Kirkwood, MO asked:

Every time I use my Vertical Sausage Stuffer, I get air pockets all in my casings – What am I doing wrong?


Often times air pockets can appear for a couple reasons. The number one reason is not packing the meat into the container tight enough. I usually take my fist and punch it down into the bottom of the stuffer. I only add a few pounds of meat at a time and then I punch it down and pack it in tight, I continue this process until the cylinder is full. 

Another issue can be if your meat gets too dry. If the meat is really dry it can be difficult to pack no matter how hard you punch it down. I would try adding some additional water to wet the meat a little more, this will remove some air pockets. 

Does your stuffer have an air release valve at the top? The Weston model has an air release valve at the top to let air escape as you crank down. If you do get a few air pockets in your sausage casing, be sure and use a sharp pointed object like a marination needle and make a small hole in the casing right at the air pocket and then push the air out of the casing. If you don't, this air pocket will allow unwanted fat pockets to settle into the air pockets.

If you try these solutions, I'm sure it will cure your problem and you will be stuffing sausage like a PRO!

Brad Lockwood

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