Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How long do I bake wild boar in the oven?

Christopher from Newport Beach, California said:
I recently went on a hunting trip for Wild Boar and was successful in harvesting 
3 good size animals. My question is: How long per pound should I bake the hams in the oven?


Wild Boar is one of my favorite wild game meats so I'm very glad you asked! I have embedded a video from my Butcher Block segment below. In the video, you will see how we prepare an elk roast using the new CanCooker. I realize you are preparing this roast in an oven, but the segment I would like you to see is the seasoning application. The method that we use to cut the roast and get the seasoning deep inside that large muscle is very important. When you simply rub the seasoning on the outside surface of the meat you will get very little seasoning penetration, but by deboning the roast and placing the seasoning deep inside the meat you will get a spectacular flavor out of your Wild Hog Roast! 

Try it out - I know you will enjoy it! And as far as cooking time is concerned, my theory on all wild game meat is: "Low and Slow." Cook at a low temperature, 250-300F and the size of the roast will determine the cooking time. If you use a Reynolds oven bag as we do in several of our Butcher Block Segments, it will hold the natural juices in and give you a moist and tender product. I cook all my roasts until they fall & shred apart. The length of time will be determined by the size of the roast, but if you use an oven bag inside your smoker or oven, you will have no issues with the meat drying out on you, so you can cook it about as long as you want.

Try the CanCooker on wild game meats as well! You will love the way it cooks with steam and keeps the meat nice and moist! You can check it out on my Hunter's Butcher Shop site: TheHuntersButcherShop.com/Cancooker.

Thanks for your question Christopher!


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