Friday, December 16, 2011

What kind of table and cutting board should I use to process game?

Paul from Waxahachie, TX said:

I want to buy a plastic folding table to cut up and process my game. Is this type of table ok? I saw your table on the DVD. You look like you had some type of poly plastic cutting board covering your table. Can you help me with a table good for processing? How long should it be? I also cannot locate your Marinating DVD on your website. Thanks for your advice.

Thanks for the question Paul. I do simply use a folding table that you can purchase in any store. The cutting board that I use is actually a product made of Commercial Grade poly material. However, I did purchase a large white cutting board of equal size at Cabela's for David Bloch of Outdoor Edge (He needed one BAD). Nice gift for him. This is an item that we may add to The Hunter's Butcher Shop line up in the future. 

And as for the Mastering Marination DVD, we don't have it up on this page, however you can purchase it from Cabela's or the Outdoor Edge website. We will get it on this website very soon.

Thanks and good luck,

Meat Man 

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