Monday, December 19, 2011

How do I make Venison Bacon?

Paul from Waxahachie, TX asked:

I ate awesome venison bacon from a sausage house I normally go to. Hopefully soon I will be able to master my own. What spice kit do you use for bacon and how do I press it to form bacon the way the sausage house does it? It looks just like bacon. Recipe and smoking directions, if you can. Please help me, I love this stuff!


This is one of my favorite products and I actually make this product step by step in our New Mastering Marination DVD.

There is just not enough room on the blog page to tell you step by step how to make Venison Bacon. Ground Venison Bacon is a tricky but tasty product to make and there are several steps to the process that are all well described in the DVD. The DVD also covers the processing of Venison Canadian Bacon from the back strap and Venison Boneless and Bone in hams. It's a great video worth adding to your library.

Thanks for the question,

Meat Man.

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