Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Harvesting a Mountain Lion

Joshua from Peoria, AZ wrote:

Hi, Brad!

So, I went out bear hunting this past weekend and ended up tagging my first mountain lion! I wanted to know if you knew of any good lion recipes!


Congratulations on the great accomplishment! Harvesting a mountain lion is no easy task!

However: in my limited experience working with lion meat, you would have been better off with the bear! At least for eating purposes anyway!

Lion is a very stringy meat and tends to be very lean and rather tough & chewy. My recommendation would be slow cooked roasts and ground products.

I would also recommend marination to add some moisture and various flavors to the meat. As you can tell from this reply, my experience with lion has been very limited and not a pleasing experience.

They are a great trophy, but much like a male wild boar, not the best table fair!

Spicy snack sticks, kielbasa, pepperoni, and marinated roasts and steaks would be my suggestions.
The mount on your wall, however, will be very nice!

Congratulations on a great hunt!

"The Meat Man"
Brad Lockwood

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