Friday, October 25, 2013

Do I need to trim all the silver skin before grinding?

Jon S from St. Cloud, MN wrote:

My wife and I have just started to process our own deer. We have invested in grinders, stuffers, lugs and all the accessories. Where we struggle is the initial cleaning of deer. I was told that if I used silicone spray, I could run (and catch) much of the silver skin at the grinder head. This is in place of taking the time to cut it all out with our knives. When we cut it out to trim, it seems we are wasting a great deal of meat. If I could cut it off the carcass and put it straight into the grinder, that would be a huge time saver.


Thanks for the question!

On field dressing and processing, I would strongly recommend our Deer & Big Game Processing DVD. There is way too much information to explain by text. This DVD covers all the field dressing, skinning, caping, aging, quartering, deboning, defining all the primary muscles and the cuts available from each and every muscle. This DVD is a must have for every game processor amature to advanced.

On the trimming of connective tissue you are correct! No need to trim it all; we have a saying, "Trim the heavy." If you have a large section of connective tissue that is visible and easy to get, then yes, remove it. Don't trim each muscle just to get all of it. This is not necessary, the grinder blade and plate will catch it.

As you are grinding, if you notice the grinder beginning to slow down and the meat is not coming out as fast as usual, take the head apart and clean the plate and blade. This will speed up the process and insure that the connective tissues will not make it into your finished product. This is also well explained in the Deer Processing DVD mentioned above. The silicone spray is mainly used to lubricate your equipment and make clean up easier. It will not assist in the gristle and connective tissue department.

Good luck this season and be sure and look into the DVD series it will help a lot!

"The Meat Man"
Brad Lockwood

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