Monday, November 19, 2012

Adding Non Fat Dry Milk When Making Sausage

Steve from Ewing, MO asked: 

When watching "Advanced Wild Game Processing," I noticed that you mentioned adding dried milk to the seasoning. How much do you add per pound of meat? Do you or can you add it in addition to Hi Mountain seasoning? 


Nonfat dry milk is a great binder to use to hold water and natural juices in your meat products. This is especially important when working with wild game meats.

The general rule is 2-4 lbs of non-fat dry milk per 100 lbs of meat. You can experiment from there. There is no exact science here, it's going to depend on how much water you add to the product and how wet you want the meat when stuffing.

You can add it to Hi Mountain blends, just read the label because a few of their products already contain milk binders, like their summer sausage seasoning products and bratwurst seasoning kits.

Good luck Steve, thanks for the question!

Brad Lockwood
 "The Meat Man"

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