Monday, November 12, 2012

How to grind meat for hamburgers?

Art from Tyler, TX wrote:

I got your videos to process my elk. First time I have tried it and all went well. The question was on the hamburger. When it went into the grinder with the fat there were strips of fat and while I was mixing it up by hand, I was wondering if it was ok to take it back through the grinder a second time. So that was the question. I did send it back through and I will be trying it in a meatloaf this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed.

On another note, your DVDs are great! I am going to ask my wife for a Bradley smoker for Christmas so I can try your sausage DVD out. Haven't watched the jerky one yet, but will soon.

Best wishes! --Art


Thanks for the question and you are correct! Grind hamburger products twice! When mixing in fat, always take the time to dice the fat in small cubes no larger than 1" in size. If your fat is in too large of pieces, it doesn't like to blend well with the lean game meat no matter how many times you grind it! Dice the fat small and then grind twice!

Good luck on the rest of your season!

Brad Lockwood
"The Meat Man"

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