Monday, October 1, 2012

How to make Goose Jerky?

Nick from Reeseville, WI asked:

I shot my first geese yesterday. I've heard goose jerky is excellent. Any experience and/or tips on making it?


Goose jerky is one of my favorites! I've found that waterfowl meat holds more moisture, absorbs the seasoning better and overall is a lot more tender than other wild game jerky.

My best advice would be to purchase our Mastering Marination DVD which is on In this DVD, we make goose jerky and several other great products from waterfowl.

Basically, follow the same steps and procedures as making standard whole muscle jerky, just remember it will absorb the seasonings a lot faster and make take a little longer to dry out. Taking the breast out is the best part!

Good luck and check out that DVD - you'll love it!

Brad Lockwood
"The Meat Man"

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