Monday, October 22, 2012

Can I cure and age my meat without hanging it?

Our friend Jeff asked:

When ageing and curing venison meat for someone without coolers and meat lockers, it is okay to put meat into a refrigerator for the curing process. My question is: Can I put select meats onto trays instead of hanging for ageing because I do not have the ability to hang the meat. 


 Yes, that will work fine. If you place the meat in a pan, be sure to empty the moisture that drains out of the meat daily - as you will not want your meat to soak in this body moisture (blood). It's important that this body moisture comes out of the meat for the drying and aging process to occur. Keep the temperature at or below 40F but no lower than 33F. Thanks for the question and good luck this season!

Brad Lockwood
 "The Meat Man"

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