Monday, November 21, 2011

How do I get roasts and different cuts from wild game?

Lonnie from Henryetta, OK asked:

Is there a way to get a diagram of deer and hog cuts? My kids both started hunting this year and we are trying to process our own. We'd like to try getting roasts and such.  It's just been steaks and burger. Haven't tried on a hog but planning. Thanks!

Thanks for the email Lonnie!

My advice would be to get the Deer and Big Game Processing DVD that is on The Hunter's Butcher Shop website. Just click Videos at the top of the homepage. I've also included a link so that you can just click here: Deer and Big Game Processing DVD.

If you have more than one hunter in the house, you're going to need it. The diagrams will cost more than the DVD and the DVD contains over 3 hours of step by step instructional information to help you with everything from field dressing to skinning, caping, proper aging of the carcass, quartering & de-boning, and the majority of the DVD is spent defining all the cuts available from each primary muscle in the animal. This is very helpful for beginner to advanced processors. The game processing library with all the titles is also a great value with all the information you will ever need! 

Good luck!

Brad Lockwood

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