Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meat Grinder vs Sausage Stuffer for sausage stuffing

Hi Brad-
Is there any difference in the final product when using a meat grinder as a sausage stuffer compared to using a traditional sausage stuffer?

Erie, PA

Hi Jim- Yes there is a difference in stuffing with a grinder VS using a stuffer. Don't misunderstand me, use whatever equipment you have available to you and grinders work well for stuffing but When using a grinder to stuff with the auger will extract additional proteins from the meat because of the mechanical mixing action of the auger spinning around so quickly. This can create a "rubber" type product. Another down side of using a grinder to stuff with is it creates heat and if you have a product with fat in it, the fat can "render or grease out". Grinders also decrease particle definition by "smearing" the product out of the grinder head rather than pushing it strait out like a standard stuffer will. You can take steps when using a grinder to stuff with that will help create a better product. Such as add ice to the product when grinding, this will keep the meat cold and prevent it from "greasing out". Don't over mix the product before you use the grinder to put it into the casing, the auger in the grinder will mix it for you when pushing it into the casings.

Hope this helps!


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