Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to Use a Bradley Smoker Indoors

Dion from Manitoba, CA asked:

I noticed on a recent show you had a Bradley smoker going indoors - how did you pipe it outside? I do a lot of home processing but working around the Canadian north's weather is a challenge. I have plenty of room in my shop/garage, just need some advice or ideas for venting!



Thanks for the question Dion,

I simply put a triple wall pipe up though the ceiling, just like pluming in a wood burner. The only downfall is: on damp days it has a little trouble drafting. So I warm the pipe up by turning the smoker on to 160F for 30 minutes before I turn on the smoke generator. 

If you don't, you'll have a building full of smoke. On of top my Bradley Smoker, I have a piece of flex pipe screwed directly to the top of the smoker over top of the dampener.

Good luck and happy all year smoking!!!


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  1. Hey guys, I also have my smoker in my garage. I used some sheet metal and some dryer vent pipe to send the smoke out my garage window. I cut a 6 inch piece of metal for the base, attached a short riser of dryer vent pipe, a 90 degree elbow and another piece of dryer vent pipe to take it out the window. If you try this I'd like your feedback. Thanks
    Randy E Ruark
    Madrid, Iowa