Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Black Bear Recipes & Tips

Josh from Peoria, AZ asked:

Hi, Brad!! I was wondering if you might be able to give some recipes and tips about black bear meat. What cuts are the best, or is it the same as deer and elk? I hear that it is delicious when cooked right. Also, if you could give some insight on "cooking it enough." I say this because I hear that it is imperative to cook this meat long enough in order to kill parasites.

Thanks and I am looking forward to your response!


Bear meat can be one of the best or worst eating experiences! It largely depends on the product you choose to make. I have had great success with bear meat by treating it like pork and making mainly pork type products from bear meat.

Products like kielbasa, pepperoni, salami and summer sausage are great items to make from bear meat. As a matter of fact, I would refer you to a couple of video clips:

Bear Breakfast Sausage from a Coastal Black Bear Hunt in Alaska with Blaine Anthony & David Bloch:

German Style Bear Sausage made on the deck of a lodge in Quebec Canada with Mike Caspar & Jason Berry:

Marinated roasts work well with bear also. It can be a great eating experience as long as you pick a recipe that is traditional to pork.

When cooking bear, you are correct about cooking it long enough: treat it like pork and be certain it's cooked well. Aim for an internal temperature of 160.

Good luck and thanks for the question!

"The Meat Man"
Brad Lockwood

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