Thursday, July 25, 2013

Trimming Fat & Sinew from Wild Game Before Grinding

Jeff from Clio, MI wrote:

Hi Brad, 

I have all of your DVDs and have learned a lot about things that I thought I knew well. 

I was wondering: It seems as though, when trimming sinew before grinding, you can't trim all of the sinew away from the muscle. Does that end up in the ground meat? Does the grinder separate the meat from waste? Does the waste wrap around the auger of the grinder or does it all end up in the ground meat? 

Thanks for the compliments Jeff and I'm glad you enjoyed the DVDs!

We have a saying in the meat industry: "Trim the heavy." What this means is: trim the heavy gristle; if it's visible and large, we trim it. If not, you are exactly correct! The grinder blade will catch it and it will not make it into your product. I've had my Weston Grinder blades catch bones, bullets, BB's and even broad heads. The important thing here is to let your grinder work and perform the way it was designed to. If you notice the grinder slowing down and not grinding as fast, then stop and clean the gristle and connective tissue out of the head. Never ever force feed your grinder; if it's slowing down and binding up, take the head apart and find out why. If the problem continues, then it's time for new plates and knives.

Thanks for the question and we appreciate your support!

"The Meat Man"
Brad Lockwood  

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