Saturday, January 7, 2012

How do I make sausage from fresh hog?

Paul from Waxahachie, TX said:

I have now killed two hogs to make sweet Italian sausage. This will be my first attempt at making any kind of sausage. Besides seasoning, do I have to mix other kinds of meat or can I just use hog? And if I'm using hog only, will this sausage be dry. If so - what exactly should I use? Any advice would be awesome. 

PS: I will be attempting breakfast sausage also.

Thanks for all of your great advice in the past as well!


When making boar sausage, a lot has to do with the age of the hogs. Old hogs tend to be strong flavored and create limits on what you can make. Young hogs are much like domestic hogs and you can make virtually any pork product you would like from those. On older hogs, I try to make strong flavored products like hot sausage and kielbasa. On young hogs, any type of a breakfast sausage will work well. If the hogs are really big boars, I reserve those for smoked products like pepperoni, smoked kielbasa, and smoked sausage. If you need information on stuffing, grinding & smoking I would refer you to our Advanced Sausage Processing DVD which covers the proper processing of fresh & smoked sausages as well as the operation of home smokers.

Good luck Paul and I hope this helps.

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